love n lassos.

venue location
light ✧ alpha
goblet ✧ ward 10 ✧ plot 35
hours of operation
sundays, from 6 PM ST - 10 PM ST

venue rules.

please read our rules thoroughly and ensure that you adhere to each one in order to cultivate a positive experience for not only yourself, but our venue, staff, and other guests. thank you, and enjoy yourself at love n lassos.

where the wild west

meets the nightlife of your dreams.

  1. first and foremost: this is an 18+ venue. you must be 18+, both IC & OOC, to enter & purchase services.

  2. we have a strict no tolerance policy for: bigotry (homophobia, transphobia, racism, etc), lalafell lewding of ANY kind, harassment, drama, etc. have common sense, do not be disgusting.

  3. please refrain from using /yell channels. these are strictly reserved for staff members to make important announcements.

  4. please refrain from spamming your emotes, or being a general nuisance. please do not come into our venue to troll, or grief our staff & patrons. no spamming of emotes, no harassment of anyone, no spamming abilities, etc. please conduct yourself respectfully on our premises.

  5. please be kind to our patrons & staff. do not harass them in any way, shape, or form.

  1. please keep your weapons & minions sheathed & hidden. this venue does not allow weapons or minions on the premises.

  2. if you are found to be harassing anyone, you will be asked to leave. this applies to paid sessions as well. if you make the staff uncomfortable, they are within their right to end the session & ask you to leave.

  3. we do not issue refunds of services in cases of harassment or boundaries being crossed. please be sure that you are obtaining consent for anything you ERP/RP, & that you are clear about what you are going to be writing. if you spring something on our staff without consent & make them uncomfortable, you will be asked to leave & you will not be receiving a refund. for more serious cases, you may be banned.

  4. failure to comply with these rules may result in you being asked to leave, or banned. to ensure we all enjoy ourselves, please try your best to conduct yourself respectfully.


welcome to Love n Lassos – your one-stop cowboy experience. We're ropin' in services that'll tickle your fancy, from private boot-stompin' dances to cozy fireside chats.

where the wild west

meets the nightlife of your dreams.


dos & don'ts.

  1. Before rustlin' up any of our fine services, make sure you've got the nod from your chosen saddle rider. We kindly suggest you mosey on up to your chosen staff member, look 'em in the eye, and have yourselves a good ol' fashioned chat before aimin' to lasso 'em into your plans.

  2. 'Round here, all our NSFW sessions are priced by the hour, just like a campfire's burnin'. You can wrangle SFW services in 30-minute chunks if that suits your fancy.

  3. Just remember, if you're lookin' to round up some of our fine services, you'll need to rustle up some gil for the exchange. No barterin' with tumbleweeds 'round here!

  • please do check with staff members and obtain their consent before attempting to purchase a service.

  • please do make your payment up front at the time of booking. if you wish to extend your time prior to its conclusion, please make sure to communicate that with your saddle rider.

  • please do make sure to communicate any boundaries before, during, and after a session as necessary for both the safety of yourself and our staff.

  • please don't harass any staff members if they deny you a booking. they may be busy, not in the mood, or simply not up for it. it is up to their discretion, and we ask that you respect their decision.

where the wild west

companion adventure.

dusty boots.

Havin' a lonesome trail, partner? Well, fret not, 'cause our saddle riders are rarin' to partner up.
SFW only

  • 30 minutes: 150,000 gil

  • 1 hour: 300,000 gil

each individual staff member is free to dictate how far they go with touch or the dance, but anything beyond a casual strip tease may constitute as ERP and you will be required to pay for ERP services.
Slightly NSFW

  • 30 minutes: 200,000 gil

  • 1 hour private dance: 400,000 gil

saddle and seduction.

saddle up 'til sunup.

This here usually means some good ol' ERP time – Extra Ranchin' Pleasure, that is. But hold your horses, 'cause it ain't just about the ERP. It's about you and your chosen saddle rider havin' a grand time.

  • 1 hour: 500,000 gil

  • extra 30 minutes: 250,000 gil

Cravin' a personal saddle partner to ride alongside you through the whole darn eve? We're throwin' in the drinks, free as a breeze, for both you and your saddle rider, so you can wet your whistle without reachin' for your wallet. And that ain't all – we're also snappin' up complimentary pictures, capturin' memories as precious as gold nuggets.

  • entire evening: 3,000,000 gil

meets the nightlife of your dreams.

tarot readings.


Got a hankerin' for a dose of tarot wisdom? whether it is IC or OOC, our trusty fortune tellers are at your service. Time ain't a concern out here – these readings'll take however long the wind needs to whisper its secrets.

  • one card spread: 100,000 gil

  • three card spread: 300,000 gil

Now, partner, when it comes to them tarot readings, your reader might just have a trick or two up their sleeve – maybe a spread as unique as a tumbleweed's journey. If what you're lookin' for ain't on the menu, don't you worry none. Just have yourself a good ol' chat with your reader and see if you can't rustle up a special arrangement.

Ready to rustle up some wild times with our venue and/or crew for your shindig, partner?

  • VENUE RENTAL: 1 million per hour.

  • STAFF RENTAL: 400k per staff member.

  • ROOM RENTAL: Got a hankerin' for some cozy seclusion in one of our rooms, partner? For a mere 200k per hour you can stake your claim in our cowboy haven.

wild west portraits.

western memories.

Whether you want a solo portrait or a group snapshot, our photographers are dedicated to capturing the essence of your Western night in every image. SFW

  • per photo: 100,000 gil

  • per extra person: 75,000 gil

Unleash your inner cowboy, strike a pose, and let us create a visual masterpiece that embodies the charm, ruggedness, and timeless allure of the Wild West. Slighty NSFW

  • per photo: 200,000 gil

  • per extra person: 175,000 gil

bounty hunters.

reckon you're lookin' to be a top-notch VIP in our fine establishment, partner? Take a gander at the prices below and the special treats awaitin' you as a valued VIP or what we like to call, Bounty Hunters!

where the wild west

meets the nightlife of your dreams.


daily benefits.

Got a yearnin' to join the ranks of our VIP posse in this fine establishment?
check out the prices, & your benefits!

  • Daily: 400,000 gil

  • Monthly: 1 million

  • Perma: 8 million.

we'll keep a watchful eye on the horizon and give you a holler when your membership is about to rustle on out or has already moseyed on.

  • line skipping

  • 25% off all services

  • free drinks

  • free 30-min table dance

monthly benefits.

perma benefits.

  • line skipping

  • 25% off all services

  • free drinks

  • free 30-min table dance (x2)

  • plus one

  • discord role

  • line skipping

  • 25% off all services

  • free drinks

  • free 30-min table dance (x2/month)

  • plus one

  • discord role

  • free monthly picture

  • prebooking priority


Curious 'bout gettin' to know the fine folks on our staff, partner? Well, take a gander at their profiles below – it's like readin' a wanted poster, but friendlier! Now, if you're fixin' to rope in a staff member for an intimate rendezvous, here's a tip: reckon it's best to have a good ol' chat and get their nod of approval before hightailin' it to the front desk.

where the wild west

meets the nightlife of your dreams.



lasso master (owner)

"Save a horse, ride a cowboy."


lasso leader (manager)

"Lets play cows and milk each other."

saloon greeters.


head of saloon greeters

"Lucky Loki faster than it's shadow."



"True cowboys are the ones who aren't afraid to get dirty."



"The only good reason to ride a bull
is to meet a nurse."

coming soon...

coming soon...

saloon keepers.



"I am the certified fastest west in the hand!



"It's 5% talent, 15% skill, & 80% just hanging in there."



"I am the certified fastest west in the hand!

coming soon...

coming soon...

fortune tellers.


head of fortune tellers

"The cards tell a story... but you write the ending."


tarot reader

"Strings of fate frolic in the vast void of possibilities, shall I find yours?"




"Just wait until you see my bust."

coming soon...





coming soon...

saddle riders.


head dancer

"The sharpest tongue this side of Limsa."

erp ✓ | lesbian | she/her



"Let's play cows and milk each other."

erp ✓ | bisexual | she/her




erp ✗ | pansexual | she/her

swamp queen.


"I am the Swamp in which you will lose yourself."

erp ✓ | pansexual | she/her

swamp queen.



Y'all can take a gander at the spread of rooms we got up for grabs at our fine establishment.

where the wild west

meets the nightlife of your dreams.

wranglers retreat.

wilderness whisper.

seductive soiree.

coming soon...

cozy barn.

saddler's wash.


Down yonder, you'll find our trusty partnas, ready to ride alongside ya. Don't be shy, give their logos a little tap to learn more about 'em.Now, if you're lookin' to join forces with us, ain't no need to be coy. Just mosey on over to our Discord and drop a ticket, or send a holler to Tohru or Willow through a good ol' direct message.